Benso1968, where carpets are born as you imagine them… and resume the splendor of the past!


Benso luxury interiors

Do you love carpets but don’t know who to turn to for a customised one? Or do you have a weathered carpet and would like to restore it? Here you are in the right place! With Benso1968, carpets are created as you imagine them to be and regain their former glory.

Our family-run company, founded in 1968, produces cashmere, wool, silk and cotton carpets.

We also offer restoration and finishing services for both vintage and new carpets, as well as professional washing of antique carpets.

Our carpet production varies from single-colour to various colours, even combining different yarns, so that we accompany our customers from the very beginning and allow them to create their own ‘work of art’!

In production, we aim for complete customisation of the product, both in colour and hand-sewn finishing, in shape and size, so that you can create the pattern of your dreams.

Over the past two decades, we have painstakingly improved the tailoring and production of carpets for the automotive, aviation, ship and railway sectors. It is possible to use Alcantara® as the weaving base and lining material, giving the product a unique look.

We operate in Italy and also abroad. All yarns, support looms, ribbons and manufacture are strictly “Made in Italy“.

Production of carpets

Carpet customization

Fabrics for interior decoration

Floor covering

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